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YOU MIGHT HAVE AXILLARY BREAST? Don’t worry have a solution here!!! Contact Now BM Plastic & cosmetology clinic in Chennai.
The axillary breast indicates the abnormal growth of breast tissues in the region like underarms. It is formed like a lump which may not be painful but give an ugly look and make the person conscious of it.

  • What is it ?

    The axillary breast is called when the extra breast tissue developed in the areas beyond the ordinary bosom area. Breast tissues are the reason behind shape, size, and structure of your breast, sometimes this tissue grow under the armpit. Axillary breast is common in 2% to 6 % of the women according to the study.
    On the off chance that you have axillary breast tissue, you presumably loathe what it looks like. It can cause the region to seem uneven and substantial, particularly when your arms are down. It might turn out to be especially upsetting before periods or with pregnancy since the axillary breast can expand and feel more sensitive (very much like your breasts). Weight gain can also exacerbate it.

    Axillary breast clinical surgical treatment
    Your axillary bosom tissue can be securely eliminated with a medical procedure. This should be possible with liposuction, in case there is little remedy required or exision (eliminating tissue with an incision) for broad revision. You’ll partake in the accompanying advantages of a medical procedure:

    • Disposal of bothersome tissues in the underarm region
    • Further developed portability of the arms
    • Decrease the bothering brought about by dress
  • Treatment

    The treatment is done under anesthesia. A very small incision is made under the armpit and the excess tissues are removed by liposuction. Then the incision is closed and dressed. The treatment takes only a few hours and the results are highly satisfying.

    Are you feel distressed about your appearance and wish to examine your choices for having axillary breast tissue treatment, don’t stop for a second to look for medical help. Contact now a board-certified specialist; if an axillary breast tissue is upsetting your life.

axillary breast treatment in chennai
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