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The objectives of the reconstructive burn scar/burn contracture medical procedure are to work on both the capacity and the corrective appearance of burn scars. This includes modifying scar tissue, with both non-surgical and surgical treatment. Medicines for scar tissue frequently require a while to be viable, and new scar contractures can show up long after these wounds, particularly in youthful patients who are as yet developing.
Plastic surgery can not eliminate thoroughly a patient’s burn scars; however, it will help to attain the fundamental capacities and make scars less perceptible. Scarring can restrict the typical movement of the neck, shoulder, hands, or legs. This medical procedure helps the patients to deliver from contracture scar and help them to achieve the scope of proper movement. Facial scarring that prompts issues with the eyelids, lips, nose, or can be helped with reconstructive burn surgery. Scars that are unusually thick, wide, or stained may likewise be improved by an assortment of surgical and non-surgical methods.

  • What is it ?

    Contractures are burn scars aftermath scars of second or third-degree burns. The skin around the burn gets mature, tightens, and thickens that makes the patients’ functionality tough depending upon the region. The burn contractures may affect your daily routine including walking, dressing up and even eating. Burn contractures will not vanish on own but it may get healed a little over time. But it will also result in discomfort.

  • Causes

    The causes for contractures are Second or third-degree Burns.

  • Treatment

    • Contracture release
    • Skin grafting
    • Flap covers

    Contact us today to learn more about burns contractures care treatment options. BM Plastic & Cosmetology clinic helps people who are suffering from burns contractures scars. Regain pain-free and restore the normal look of yours.

burn contractures treatment in chennai