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  • What is it ?

    (Also called Bed sores,Pressure sores,decubitus ulcers)

    Pressure ulcers are damages caused to a particular region of the skin due to the pressure imposed on it. The excess or regular pressure on the skin reduces the blood supply to the skin. The people who are bedridden or in a wheelchair have very high chances of suffering from pressure ulcers. It can result in red areas on the skin or even cause severe damage to the underlying tissues

  • Causes

    Pressure sores are caused due to immobility which leads to constant pressure on a particular region. It can also be caused when there is friction between the body and other materials(Transferring someone between bed and wheelchair).

  • Treatment

    Some of the simple ways to avoid pressure ulcers are,

    • Redistributing the pressure by moving the person
    • Regular exercise
    • Providing the right Diet
    • Providing support(using pillows)

    In order to cure pressure sores of higher grades

Pressure Ulcer Treatment in chennai